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Servicios Ofrecidos
Servicios Ofrecidos

molino de las termas

Molino de las Termas Bungalows

Gualeguaychú is a city 230 km from Buenos Aires, in the province of Entre Rios. Here you can find a mix between the pampas countryside and the litoral, an argentinian region between the Paraná and Uruguay rivers that converge in the Iguazú Falls

Gualeguaychú city has the thermal baths closer to Buenos Aires, open all the year. The city has also the Carnival (january-february), the most important of the country, similar to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Our bungallows are located in a calm and safe neighborhood surrounded by a mix of countries and new houses, gauchos and city people.

Our bungalows are spacious, designed to give confort to our visitors.

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Services included

Our bungalows have a big park to enjoy, pool, barbecue, car parking. We are open 365 days at year.

Bungalows for 2 to 4 people
Bungalows for 4 to 6 people (2 rooms)
Bungalows for 7 people
Bungalow for 2 people with hydromassage bathtub

Fully equipped, WiFi, Air Conditioning, Heating, Direct TV, oven, anafe, Refrigerator, Crockery Complete Bed, Hot Water. The complex has covered barbecue and wide greens.

We accept credit card payment with paypal.

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